Philosophy of Tanoism.

Why is Tanoism a religion and should be a non-profit 503-C corporation? According to Wikipedia religion is all this that follows when you exchange the words to Tanoism. Tanoism is the definition of what a religion is. Tanoism practice an Omnis belief respect of all religions and their God or gods. Tanoism is the practiceContinue reading “Philosophy of Tanoism.”

The recipe of life

The Recipe of Life Marinade: 1/2 C of Dreams1/2 C of Hopes2 oz. of your Desires2 oz. of your Wants2 oz. of your NeedsAs Needed, PrayOne Godand a lot of Love Method: In the largest stock pot you can find, add in all your dreams and hopes; and fill the pot about 70%, and bringContinue reading “The recipe of life”

“The Ahsoka Tano Story” what if?

Synopsis: Ahsoka Tano talking to Darth Vader/Anakin after their fight in the Sith Temple. They where stuck on Malicore… “Master you taught me to be kind, but have eyes like a hawk; you never know when you have to fight for your next meal.” “You never know when the order and everyone around you willContinue reading ““The Ahsoka Tano Story” what if?”

The Ahsoka Tano Story, Chapter 1

Star Wars Fan Book Chapter 1 “Force Sensitive Children “             The story begins a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. As the Grand Master sit and begins to speak to her awaiting pupils. “Good morning class” “Welcome Master” the pupil responded “Let me begin by telling my story.” “When IContinue reading “The Ahsoka Tano Story, Chapter 1”

Introduction to our Founder

Sacramento Ministry became a non-profit corporation in February 2021. The founder became ordain by the Universal Life Church on October 25, 2020. The ministry provides many different services that includes minister staffing, some culinary staffing for wedding, events and funeral services. We have our own creative concept e-commerce highlighted by our Life Coach Membership Program.Continue reading “Introduction to our Founder”