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“Thank you for taking time out today, to visit us!” Frederick Sacramento, Ordained Minister

Sacramento Ministry was incorporated in February 2021 in the State of California, USA. It is design to teach the holy scriptures and other life tips through the tales of a galaxy far far away and my own journey. In my adventures in life, I am a survivor of four rare diseases. I have so far been through 20 procedures since 2011. With the Grace of God, I am alive and strong and speaking my faith through a Star Wars fan book I wrote called, “The Ahsoka Tano Story,” and through Blogs on this website.

I am a self proclaim religion connoisseur who has study many forms of religions. As an ordain minister I am allowed to conduct religionist ceremonies in any State. My niche our Star Wars theme weddings and Jedi Knight funerals. I obey the laws of State under my faith in God. Three rules to live by:

  1. Thank God each an everyday for all your blessing; seen and unseen.
  2. Love all creatures and be kind to mankind.
  3. Pray for your enemy and for yourself that you know who they are.

As a Minister I am always available to speak with you in times of need. I am available for side collaborations and talks worldwide through email. If you want to chat about life, God, Star Wars, culinary arts or financial services; don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you again for visiting my site. For more information, feel free and reach out to me and don’t forget to visit Vintage Collection Store on eBay. Please donation is always welcome. Thank you.

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