May the Force and God be with you, always.

September 30, 2022 Blog

We will go through trial and tribulations, but be reassured brothers and sisters that we will overcome.

I say be patient and meditate on your challenges, and pray to your faith, and believe in your abilities.

You are created by the Creator of all. The Father to all; the spouse of the Force, the Dao of Taoism, the Force of all living creatures.

Through our Creature we are made in an image of greatness and through the Force we are bonded to each other by life and our survival.

We are more than this physical vessel. Our greatest wealth in human equity. Human equity is about looking at a person as a whole – not their physical features, cultural background and work experience, but how all the elements of their personality work together in society.

We are greater than our imagination. Like The Force, a mysterious energy field created by life that binds the galaxy together.

We must harnessing the power of the Force. In Star Was, The Force gives the Jedi, the Sith, and others sensitive to this spiritual energy extraordinary abilities, such as levitating objects, tricking minds, and seeing things before they happen.

You do not need to be a Jedi or Sith to be one with Force. Ahsoka Tano has proven you can live within the Force and harness your greatness Our Creator God has created in us. What one need to do is be yourself and be patient

As a member of Tanoism we do not act for personal power or wealth, but act in the betterment of society. We seek knowledge and enlightenment, a better way of life in our society. A Tanoism member never acts from hatred, anger, fear, or aggression but acts when calm and at peace with the Force. A member of Tanoism is the guardian of peace in their communities. Tanoism uses the powers to defend and to protect, never to attack others, and always to educate in a positive manner.

Thank you God for all you have done for me, seen and unseen.


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