Philosophy of Tanoism.

Why is Tanoism a religion and should be a non-profit 503-C corporation?

According to Wikipedia religion is all this that follows when you exchange the words to Tanoism. Tanoism is the definition of what a religion is. Tanoism practice an Omnis belief respect of all religions and their God or gods. Tanoism is the practice of two or more religions taking the good parts out to make a better overall way of life. Tanoism is a way of life of a belief system to achieve a supreme being, that’s unseen of oneself in the exact imagination of their enteral creature that’s unnamed. Ones beliefs can come for many scriptures, texts, and holy books and the many of religions of the universe. Tanoism can briefly be defined as an adherent religion with a specific belief system about Ones God and the gods who is expressed through a code of conduct, ethics, forms of worship, and rituals of the unnamed one god. Tanoism applied the golden rule, “treat people how you want to be treated.” Tanoism includes social, ethical, and ceremonial elements combined with the belief in an unseen world and often a deity. The social elements one would learn in living a life of of the combined Philosophy of Star Wars Jedi Order religion and Taoism through the teaching Philosopher Lau Tzu and Confusion of Taoism, commented with the life of Jesus of Nazareth to community of Star Wars fanbase of over 13 million, this includes the youth of the universe and great minds like Nikola Tesla. The type of ceremonies perform are Star War theme wedding which rejoice the unity of two to make a clan. Star Wars Life Day on November 17th. Legend has it, it has celebrated since the 1977. The next is a funeral to help guide one would soul after leaving their earthly vessel and travel into a nirvana belief of heaven and earth belief. Practice is meditation to achieve nirvana or vision. Practice of ritual to release negative energy Practice of healing through energy and flow of the universe. Tanoism defined denoting or relating to human society or any of its subdivisions by the similarities of other religion such as Christianity, Scientology, Taoism and story of a former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. Tanoism will tells fictional stories in Star Wars franchise and fan art stories in how Ahsoka formed bonds with different groups in the world. The lesson Tano learned, as well as the writer’s personal experience, will explain the ethical and moral way of Tanoism through a book, called, “The Ahsoka Tano Story.” This will be written by founder of Tanoism Frederick Sacramento of Cerritos California. The founder will prove Tanoism can be call a religion according to the Internal Revenue Service of the United States and throughout the universe. The type of minister Mr. Sacramento is is an Omnis Minister. Mr. Sacramento beliefs and any of his followers should follows the moral adherent of the different religions for a better way of life. To be a Tanoism one respect all religion and lives ones life in unity with all is good in all religions. The Rules of Tanoism: 1. One should always treat other how one would like to be treated. One should respect themself and take care of oneself. One should bath daily and have good hygienes. 2. One should always complement one life from the stories of Jesus. One should understand that our nameless creator loves us, the eternal nameless creator loves us more. 3. One should respect all religions, beliefs and ethical morals in our one universe. One should believe that we all our binded together through an unknown eternal creature. Through frequency and vibration we are all bonded through an energy force and through the mathematical numbers of 369. 4. One should respect all living creatures in the one universe because we are all bonded together through our pain and suffering and the natural energy flow of the universe as one. 5. One should understand everything happens for a reason, and one can only handle what one can only handle. One understand is the will of nature that one is in the moment one is in now. Everything has lead one to that moment to handle what one has too. 6. One should look at many perspective and base their decision on the facts and data one now know, understand and can teach it to other is when one has wisdom. Only a fool doesn’t know what it takes to have wisdom. 7. One should understand one next journey, after the one understand the journey one is in now. One should be disciplined to ones journey and one will find one true purpose through one understand of one next journey. 8. One should want to reach their supreme being, within one creature imagination of the unknown creature imagination. One will know when one reach one supreme being when one reaches nirvana. 9. One should live the best way one can, and one should what to be the best one can imagine one can be. When one IRS rules. Definite and distinct ecclesiastical government by the Sacramento Ministry non-profit corporation of California. Formal code of doctrine and discipline Filipino Martial Arts. Distinct religious history: Tanoism start it’s creation at the start of Taoism when Lau Tzu took his journey around the 6th Century. It was upgrade 2019 after a journey through Star Wars franchise canon episode shown on Disney Plus. Recognized creed and form of worship has been posted on online since November 17, 2021. Membership not associated with any other church or denomination Organization of ordained ministers founder Frederick Sacramento is an Ordain Minister with Life Universe Church. Ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed courses of study Membership. Literature of its own “The Ahsoka Tano Story” Established places of worship: Regular congregations: 2 Regular religious services: No Online on your own past. Sunday schools for the religious instruction of the young: Membership: online on your own past Schools for the preparation of its members: Membership

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