My Journey with the Miss Philippines USA Organization 2021

Hey Guys,

If you know me, you have seemed me this past 8 years at the Miss Philippines USA pageant in Southern California. Well throughout those years I have helped and watched the organization grow and many of the 240 contestants. A long with the organization and contestants I have grown as a person each and every year. BUT WAIT! If you know me; you should also know I have had over 20 medical procedures in the past 10 years; and I have four rare diseases; through working with the organization. So how did I do it? Let me start by saying, Thank you God.

The Miss Philippines USA is a pageant that started in 2012. I have been working with the executive producer Lou Razon since July 2013. I had worked many different events with them within the community. This pageant in like a life force; it reminded me that life isn’t a sprint; it’s a journey. It teaches me each year that it’s not what’s in the outside that matter; a king’s strength lies in his heart and not his sword; it’s what inside that matters.

So, when I face my trial and tribulation these past 10 years; it’s because I was going through some type of journey myself. It’s like Padme the Queen of Star Wars she had to go through her journey so the movies made some sense. Leia will forever be our Princess in galaxy far far away and all these candidates that pretty much their dream, right? She went through her storyline in Star Wars. Jesus is King of King and he went through his trials and tribulations. Now there is King David who killed Goliath with a small stone and a snig shot. In the bible the Book of Psalms is about Kind David’s trials and tribulations with God. Story has is that King David drowns and died in his own tears. We will all go through trials and tribulations, but our Lord has gone before us.

Miss Philippines USA puts outs some find candidates for their events each and every year and that is why I been with them. I can honestly say that Miss Philippines USA makes childhood dreams comes true; and just for that one moment in life; you in a fantasy land; and you can say you were there; and you remember the good times. You will go through trials and tribulations, but God goes before you. Just check out the you tube link and will know what I mean.

I was told seven and half years ago if I ever wanted to be part of the Fil Am community attach yourself to a good organization. I sure did through the Miss Philippines USA organization. Here is an article and short video from one of our media outlets.

Some of the perks I have is helping the sponsors and VIPs. Well, this year my buddy from High School was a sponsor; and judge; and he was VIP making him my duty this year. He is the CEO of a company called AMP Staffing Network. It is a leading provider of healthcare nursing staffing services focusing on the per-diem, master booking and traveling segment. He asked me tell all my friends about his business because he is hiring. My buddy on the BIG SCREEN at the Miss Philippines USA Coronation in Anaheim, California at The Grove in Anaheim. His company’s logo and finally the two of us in front of the entrance. I am the handsome looking one; wait that my friend Lee. Can you believe we are both 50 years old and I just been through some stuff? The Force is strong with us.

Telephone # (562) 865-3807 “NOW HIRING! ” let them know that your homey Fredie Sac sent you. They will donate for every qualified referral I give them.

The winners of the Miss Philippines USA for mor information visit their website at

remember I except donations at this link

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