“The Ahsoka Tano Story” what if?

Synopsis: Ahsoka Tano talking to Darth Vader/Anakin after their fight in the Sith Temple. They where stuck on Malicore…

“Master you taught me to be kind, but have eyes like a hawk; you never know when you have to fight for your next meal.”

“You never know when the order and everyone around you will turn on you; and you will have to leave everything behind.”

“All you really have to survive, is all the lesson you have learn in your life.”

“Our wit and our actions has all lead us to this moment.”

“It is the will of the Force that we are grace with our blessings through our trials and tribulations.”

“As the force bind us; and it ties us to our Creator and it guide us to the light or dark energy side of the universe.”

“Master you taught me that once you think you know the Force, God the creature changes it.”

What if? Artist unknown

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