Update on this Blog Page

Hey Guys, I don’t have long to write today; I have an exam in a few hours and should be studying for it. Well real quick. I still need to add the e-commerce onto the website (everything is paid for, just have to add). I have to start another website because I have to try a free hosting platform for a class assignment. Good thing I already have one here on word press already at at https://wordpress.com/marteproductions. Back to this webpage. I am debating what to release for Life Day on the 17th. There will be a Black Friday sale and two items from the Ministry will be sold, Notice comes out on Life Day. I have my new business card order and they should be in by tomorrow. Well again I should be study. May God and the Force be with you always.

your homey Fredie Sac

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Ordain Minister, Paralegal, Blogger

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