Daily Prayer

Father God in Heaven; thank you for granting me peace, wisdom and triump in my daily struggles.

I thank you for forgiving me for my sins through your son Jesus Christ. I thank you for renewing my spirit and keeping me strong in this world. Thank you for showing me the directions that does not lead me into the evil hands of temptation, but embrace me in the blessings and triumphs of life. I thank you for the happiness and blessings that my eyes and soul have experience. Thank you for keeping me safe from the evil people and those who are trying to bring me down. I thank you for all your blessings to this day and for eternity. I thank you God for helping me stand firm in your words. I thank you for standing with me through the hard times. I thank you for speaking to me and blessing me to hear your commandments. My God! Please keep all my family and those I love safe and healthy; and full of Your grace forever. Thank you God our Father; for all the blessings; the ones I see and most of all the ones I do not see.

Amen Amen

Published by Sacramento Ministry

Ordain Minister, Paralegal, Blogger

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