The Ahsoka Tano Story, Chapter 1

Star Wars Fan Book

Chapter 1 “Force Sensitive Children “

            The story begins a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. As the Grand Master sit and begins to speak to her awaiting pupils.

“Good morning class”

“Welcome Master” the pupil responded

“Let me begin by telling my story.”

“When I was your age I just arrived to the Jedi Order.”

“But before that, I was born three years earlier in the expansion region of the Hydian Way, on the planet Shili in the capital city of Corvala,” I told them. My mother was once a padawan to the grand master himself, but choose to be with my father. My father was a young and up coming tribe leader. I was name Baba Nam Kevalam, meaning the essence of love is everywhere. I was born with the Ashla, the living force and it showed on my marking on my face. Because I was my father daughter and held the marketing people want to hurt me.

Master Plo Koon and I leave my home planet of Shili to go to the Jedi Temple on the Coruscant, but not before Plo Koon and I leave the atmosphere of Shili, the Duros Bounty Hunter Cad Bane is on our tail and make an attack. With excellent flying skills, Master Plo Koon was able to lose Bane in an asteroid shower keeping me safe from harm way again. Bane did later find his end at the hand of Boba Fett. “You know the bounty hunter,” I ask them both.  The female Skywalker answered, “yes we encountered him before.”

I finally arrived at the Jedi Temple with Master Plo Koon to be greeted by Padawan Aayla Secura at the landing docks.  Aayla greets me and said, “hello I am Aayla Secura your guide for the Jedi Temple” I answer her back, “I’m Ahsoka, Ahsoka Tano the new Jedi Youngling learner.”  Aayla answer back, “very nice to meet Ahsoka Tano.” “Are you hungry?” I smiled because I am and I say, “yes I am.” Aayla said, “we’ll let us get some food, but first let me show you your room so you can drop off your stuff. I said, “okay” and we head out. She told me about Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan and how I carried myself. Aayla told me that Master Shan fought during the Cold war of the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire some 3600 years ago. “She was a true Jedi Knight,” Aayla said. We often talked about the women Jedi of the order. We would all get together, all the other female Jedi; and talk about the female Jedi knights of the old republic. Master Jocasta Nu, Yaddle and Faye were always teaching us about them, those were good times at temple.

As Aayla and I head to my room.  Aayla pointed out and said, “that the Jedi library, that is where you will spend a lot of time at.” I smiled and said, “I am ready, I am ready to learn.”  We arrived at my new room and I place my stuff on the floor on a meditation mat when Aayla said, “well this is it, your new home.” I said, as I runs my hands along the walls and sit on the bed smiling, “I like it here, I feel like I belong.” Aayla smiles and said, “good, I like that you belong.” She then said to me, “my room is only down hall, if you need anything just come by.” Aayla was my best friend growing up, she was a Tri’lek from the planet Ryloft. (Ahsoka pause and reminisce about her time with Aayla Secura). “Sorry, let me continue,” I said.  At this point I was hungry so I asked, “can we eat?” Aayla smiled, “Come on let us get something to eat and check out the temple.” I just remember how welcome Aayla made me felt that day and every day I saw her.

So, before we get something to eat and tour the temple, we run into Grand Jedi Master Yoda.  Master Yoda was the eldest Jedi in the order I have learned. He lived for over 900 years and is from another galaxy system I have let to find.  Yoda spoke to the both of us briefly and said, “greeting young Jedi.” Looking at me he said, “are you Ahsoka Tano?” I said, “yes” to the little green creature. He said, “I am the Yoda the Grand Master of the Jedi order.”  I smile and I sightly bow to him and said, “I am Ahsoka Tano the new Jedi youngling learner.” Master Yoda then said, “a question I have for you young Ahsoka.” I was scared I just got here, and this little green guy has questions for me. “Do you know what the force is,” Master Yoda asked?  I answers, “No I don’t Master” Master Yoda said for the first time, but not he last, “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It is an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” He then said, “A lesson I have for you little Tano.” “What you know you must unknow, limit your thoughts so you may feel the force around you,” meditate on that he said. “I will see tomorrow during training, make sure you are well rested,” Yoda said. “Thank you Master” we both said and off we go to the Jedi Cafeteria for some grub. 

I was excited to get something to eat, I have not eaten since I left my planet. I am incredibly happy that they had food from my home planet that I like to eat. I made myself a huge plate that made Aayla say, “Can you finish all that little one?” I just smiled and said, “yes ma’am,” and Aayla laughed. As we were eating an older Jedi woman came up to us, it was Master Jocasta Nu, the Jedi librarian.  She introduced me two other Jedi younglings, a Mirialan girl named Barriss Offee and a Mon Calamarian boy named Nahdar Vebb who were also Force sensitive children when they came to the temple a few years before me. Master Jocasta started to tell the group the story about the Jedi Temple. Master Jocasta looked at me and said, “The Jedi Temple served as the headquarters of the Jedi Order for the last thousand years, housing important training facilities as well as the chamber of the Jedi Council. The Jedi Temple is the home of all the Jedi, this is your home now Ahsoka Tano. It is where we bring all the Force sensitive children of the galaxy to train to become a Jedi knight and serve the Jedi Order.” I could not help smiling with a mouth full of food. Everyone was laughing at me, I guess I looked funny. “Finish your meal Ahsoka,” Master Nu said. “I will see you tomorrow for your first day of Jedi training so, get some rest.” I answer, “yes Master.” I finished up my meal and Aayla I went on a quick tour of the temple.

When Aayla and I finish our meals, she took me to go explore the temple.  We were not out too long when I first met Master Fay in the Temple. She was beautiful youthful looking human Jedi who was centuries old. Master Faye was so sweet and kind to me when I first met her. She took my hand and meditate with me to find out my story.  She told me do not worry about my parents for they will be fine until I returned. Master Faye was right when she told me that. That was what lead me back to Shili to find my parents after the order fail.  Master Yaddle was also at the library with Master Faye, she was so kind to me; she gave me sweets that night from Shili, she did that all the time.  She also said to me that night that I would never forget. She said, “you are not alone here for we all our force sensitive children.” “We will take care of you Ahsoka,” Master Yaddle said. It was after that Aayla took me back to my room because it was getting late and I was so tired from the long day. “Good night Ahsoka, may the force be with you” said Aayla. “Good night Aayla” I answer back.  I got my stuff ready for the next day and prepared myself for bed. I then prayed to the Force to watch over my parents, sister, and brothers. I already miss all of them so much that tears ran down my face as I fall asleep.

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